Senz IT Business Solutions has a team of IT staff that is ready to help you when you need them, they are experts with precise skills and with over 25 years of experience.



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Technology is a never-ending process of change. Maintaining this continued evolving landscape can be costly, overwhelming, difficult, labor intensive and time consuming. As your business grows, requirements for an IT will certainly change. Let Senz IT Business Solutions be an extension of your organization and we will handle the responsibilities and management of your IT Infrastructure.

Whether it’s to support your existing IT Staff or to completely manage your IT operations, Senz IT Business Solutions is committed in giving you a tailor solution to support your operational needs.



One of the major problems of Technology has been the ever growing cost of your IT requirements because of a bad decision on purchases of IT infrastructure that do not meet your needs. Both software and hardware are constantly updated in just a couple of years and even within a few months. With Senz IT Business Solutions, we will help keep you and your business up-to-date on the new technology that passes industry standards.

You’ll never have to worry about your IT problems anymore and focus on what’s more important, your Business.



A trustworthy MSP is a valuable partner in helping a business grow and we, Senz IT Business Solutions, treat our clients with the utmost importance. It is our goal to keep your network and systems healthy and deliver insights that will help your company.



With Network and data, the cost of repairs when something breaks is no joke. It can cost millions and put a dent in your company’s budget depending on the size of your business. Rather than waiting for the disaster to occur, the smarter way is to prevent it before it happens. With Senz IT Business Solutions, we monitor your system for problems and resolve issues before they create bigger problems. This method will not just ensure your system is running as it should be but also free you from future costs of your repairs.



With Managed Services, your cost comes in a monthly fixed amount. Having an In-house IT can sometimes result to frequent and unexpected expenses that can drain your budget quickly. The network needs to be maintained, and sometimes it needs to be repaired or replaced. We provide maintenance and repairs as part of the contract. This will save your company thousands of dollars while improving the stability of your business.



Servers can fail, electrical disruptions can occur and human error happens. These issues always mean downtime for your company. These are mitigated by implementing redundant equipment that allows systems to switch to a backup when there is a failure. System attacks can also happen that take out your network and data. Senz IT Business Solutions can help your company tackle Preventive measurements to avoid these kinds of disasters, saving you and your company additional spending and downtime cost.



Hiring an IT team is risky and expensive. You can’t know for sure how good they are until they’re faced with serious issues, some may pass while others may not be able to resolve the problem promptly. Even if you have a very competent IT team, they might not have the right equipment to operate or maintain new equipment or systems as you add them. We have a team of experts with precise skills that will fill in the gaps for you. Having Senz IT Business Solutions as a partner allows you to have access to a team of IT experts with over 25 years of experience.



Business owners without any IT support tend to manage both the operations and IT side of the company. This is not good for the business and that is where we come in. Senz IT Business Solutions will be the one monitoring your systems which frees up your time to only focus on what’s crucial, your business.



Data are meant to be kept secure and private. There are rules and regulations to follow in storing data and your IT team must ensure that the rules are followed down to the last letter. The consequences for violating these are hefty fine and reputation damage that some businesses might not be able to overcome. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are the most widely applicable standards businesses have to meet and Senz IT Business Solutions will handle the complexities of Compliance and auditing to prove your organization meets all requirements. Hence saving you and your organization’s in-house team thousands of hours in the long run.



It is undeniable that the IT Industry is growing day by day. IT standards are changing along with your company.Our flexible solutions will grow as your business grows. When the demands of your business change, we will respond quickly and adapt to your changing business needs. We will also replicate your infrastructure at a different location to ensure the consistency of your IT environment.



It might take some time before someone can notice if a problem occurs in the middle of off hours. Senz IT Business Solutions is using remote monitoring technology to monitor your systems day and night, giving us insights into problems that are occurring that can be solved before they have a noticeable impact on your business.


Senz IT Business Solutions has the technical expertise and experience to move your on premise technology operation to the Cloud and provide your organization with the most up-to-date software tools that will promote productivity, collaboration and efficiency.

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